Tracking the circulation of artwork, ideas, and resources that demonstrate resilient ecologies in the bioregion.

The Garden Studio, or ‘Food Forest Studio,’ is located at the Paul Schupf Faculty Studios in Hamilton Village. This is a site for experimentation, creative process, and demonstration. We use permaculture and bio-intensive techniques such as bioswales, mixed plantings of beneficials, medicinals, edibles, and (almost) all seven layers of a food forest (vines, roots, ground cover, herbaceous, shrubs and small and large trees).

This living studio is completed by ten dwarf fruit trees: cherry, pear, apple and plum varietals, as well as a full grown hawthorn tree and three full grown cherries.

Gardens bring people together. We consider the garden to extend to our neighbors on each side. Classes and village visits are welcome.

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We do our work in the Chenango River watershed, which drains into the Chesapeake Bay. The Oneida Lake watershed (within the larger Oswego River/ Finger Lake watershed, and which drains into lake Ontario), as well as the Mohawk River watershed are very close.

The food forest studio, artists and researchers reside on traditional
Oneida territories.